Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Some men make all the others look REALLY bad...

 Some people are serious pricks.

I have to get this off my chest cuz I am just angry now and writing helps me vent.  We went to meet my husband's sister and her husband at this little bar tonight since there was going to be a costume contest.  My costume this year is one of those sexy devil costumes.  So the dress is like, really short and I wear fishnets, boots, and horns.  The tail is attached in two places to the back of the dress.  Well, I also have another piece to the costume which is my long red trenchcoat for when it's cold.  I figure that since we are going to be in this dumpy little bar all night, I'll just keep the coat on so I don't have to deal with people grabbing at me all night.  

So we are all standing there having a good time and talking when this old guy behind me goes and lifts up not only my coat, but then my dress!  I turn around all mortified and there he is just STARING at my ass and I knock his hands out of way and cover myself up.  Well, in the process, he managed to break one end of my tail, so it just hangs down now instead of curling up.  And it's very long so if it hangs, I can't walk around with it like that.

I get angry about this and tell my husband, who does nothing.  Now bear in mind, I don't like, expect my husband to go over and start shit with the guy.  He's not a big guy and doesn't like confronting people, but he doesn't say anything to him or to even me.  And here I sit feeling like just a slut because I have this cute costume on so I must have just attracted it and it's my fault so I just left the bar.  So I'm up at twenty to one, upset about this.  My costume is broken, my husband is sleeping and pissed that we had to leave so soon, and I feel like a total skank.

Other than that though, good evening! :(  I waited all night for my husband to come home from his hockey game too and it was just going to be fun for us to go out.  I wish we would have just stayed home.  Then we could have watched the rest of "Antichrist".  Has anyone seen that yet?  The Willem Dafoe film?  We got a screener copy of it last night, but unfortunately only got the first half.  It's good, but I have to warn anyone that it is graphic, both sexually and violently.  And when I say graphic, I mean in the most graphic way possible.  I do enjoy Lars von Trier films though and it is certainly one of his.  Oh and it is just magnificantly depressing, so be prepared.  Seriously, my husband wanted to watch it last night and I told him, "Now, are you sure?  Cuz I don't want to hear any bitching about it once this gets started."  But I would recommend it.  Oh, look, I'm feeling better already... 
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