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Friending Meme - Cuz I Haven't Done One in a Long Time...

My name:

My age: 27
My birthday: January 29
My religion: Catholic
Nationality: American - Native American, French, and German ethnicity
Where I'm from: Minneapolis, MN
Where I live now: Same place
Pets: Four kitties and two dogs
My favorite color: Red

My favorite book/books: Wuthering Heights, A Clockwork Orange, Eating the Chesire Cat, American Psycho and basically ANYTHING by Bret Easton Ellis, Choke, Carrie, and many more
My favorite TV show/shows: Friday Night Lights, Dexter, Supernatural, The X-Files, True Blood, The Sopranos, Nurse Jackie, Six Feet Under, and many more.

Favorite actor/actress: Steve Buscemi (love him), Gary Oldman, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jared Leto, basically anyone that is good at playing a mobster, Jennifer Connelly, Julianne Moore, Adrianne Palicki, and lots more.

Favorite music:
Everything. More specifically - Prince, Marilyn Manson, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Tori Amos, Type O Negative.

Song of the moment: "Watching Me Fall" by The Cure

Idols Growing up: Gillian Anderson because she portrayed a strong woman. She influenced me a lot.

My Weakness: Kittens
My Favorite Food: Potatoes
My Favorite Drink: X-Rated Vodka

# Do you still own something/somethings that you had as a kid? Yes, too many things to name.

# Is there something you don't have that you want real bad?
A BMW M3, a Mustang Shelby GT500, and enough money to pay off my bills.

# What is your favorite time of the year? November, when it doesn't drop into single digits.

# What are you reading right now?
"The Informers" by Bret Easton Ellis for about the fourth time.

# During the week what are the three things that you do that you consider routine?
Calulate my bills, get my homework done, and play with Photoshop.

# Are you a part of any fandom? Supernatural and Twilight, although I am not one of the psychotic ones.

# Do you ever dream of your favorite actors/actresses? Yes

# Do you wish you could have a dream about the one actor/actress you like?

# Which TV show or movie or both would you like to get sucked into your television? I don't know...

# Do you find that some of your friends don't know you the way you want them to?
Not really, no.
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