Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Writer's Block: Go it alone

Do you think society puts too much pressure on people to be in relationships and/or have children? Do you think this ostracizes people who would be perfectly content to remain single and/or child-free? Is this pressure worse around the holidays?

I don't know about the relationship thing. I don't feel that there's too much pressure to be in a relationship, but then again, I haven't paid too much attention to that. But, I am constantly seeing people in public saying things about having children. I personally have never wanted children. At the same time, I found out years ago that I physically cannot have one, so it worked out well. It's not that I don't like them; I just don't want any of my own. But I always hear things about how wonderful it is and my personal favorite, "You're not a real woman until you have had a child." Okay, what is that all about? What about people who can't have kids? Are we not real women? It bugs me. In reality, I have actually had only two people (one that doesn't know me personally) tell me that it is okay to not want to have children. Everyone else thinks I'm nuts.
Tags: writer's block

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