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New York, Writing, and Muse


I'm going to New York in March to see Muse play Madison Square Garden. I have never been there before, so I'm very excited. My husband has been there a few times. He went last year for a convention and kept sending me photos on my phone. I've always wanted to go. Plus, Muse puts on an awesome show. They were in Minneapolis a few years back and I got to stand right next to the stage (like, touching the thing) because we knew the label rep for that particular show. My husband didn't know who they were and only went to be with me. He ended up loving them. So going to see them is a total added bonus to this trip.

So we will be there from Thursday until Monday. I unfortunately have to work on Monday morning, so if I can't get the day off, I may have to pull the old, "The plane was delayed, I'm stuck in NY" line. It worked in Puerto Rico. The only difference was that I was actually stuck in that damn airport with some weirdo who had a carry on bag the size and shape of a coffin. I don't think he was able to carry it on.

And it will be Xanax and vodka time for me again when I get on that plane. Which I had to say was rather entertaining last time I took a plane ride because I started writing when I was all doped up and wrote this insane stuff. And the plane ride felt like it lasted about two minutes instead of two hours.

Is it totally wrong that I have a playlist for a story I am writing? I'm in the middle of writing another one of my own stories, this one is about a burned out rock star who is slowly going completely insane. It's inspired by Bret Easton Ellis' "Discovering Japan" story, Pink Floyd's "The Wall", and Stephen King's "The Shining". Although they are only two songs, the songs "Lithum" by Nirvana and "Wonderwall" by Oasis are SO fitting for the story, it's just crazy! I feel like "Lithum" was written specifically for my main character. "Wonderwall" on the other hand is more for the main pairing in the story and the end of it.
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