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Rage Against the Machine

Okay, so THIS weekend was crazy.
I called in ill to work on Friday with a throbbing migraine, only to find out later that day that one of my fiancee's contacts got us seats for Rage Against the Machine in Alpine Valley. I'm not a Rage fan, but this was a reunited tour that only has about five or six dates. So we drove the six hours to Alpine Valley. It poured out there and for those of you who don't know Alpine Valley, it is an outdoor place that has this near 90 degree hill for everyone to sit on. Below the hill is the covered area that has all the seats.
We got actual seats, but since it rained, there were people mud sliding down the hill and smashing into the concrete wall. The show started and it was NUTS from beginning to end! People were circle moshing in the seats! My fiancee filmed a ton of it, so here is the video of when they did "Killing in the Name Of" at the end of the show.

Killing in the Name Of

The show ended at midnight and we didn't leave the parking lot until 3:30. We got home at 9:00, slept until 1:00 and then went to a wedding until 2:30 on Sunday morning, dancing and drinking. It was recon for my wedding, I guess. SEVEN WEEKS! And our priest just bailed on us. Things are getting interesting...

I don't think I've had such an eventful evening in forever.
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