Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Various musings...

- Went and saw "Ninja Assassin" last night. We went with a friend for the violence factor alone. Every now and then it's fun to let go and just watch movies that have such gore that it is funny. Like, you can't do anything but laugh because it is so extreme. Getting to see Rain do all that fighting was a good time. Man, was he good looking! Now I feel the need to watch more Bruce Lee stuff.

- I'm up to 23,000 words as of 3:30 pm Central Time. I love this story. It's my first adult story and it is just flowing from my mind to Word. Usually it takes forever for me to finish a story. I have had ones that have taken six years before. I started this one about a month back. I am in need of a serious thesarus though. That much writing keeps the same adjectives and verbs in your brain. Very annoying...

- I am working on manipulating images for a friend of mine who does modeling. Originally, I just did touch ups, but one night I did a manipulation and she totally freaked and wants me to do that to all of them. So here are a couple. Let me know what you think. I actually am doing these for money, so I need as much feedback as possible.

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