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Back to the Buffy manipulations!

So, I finally got some inspiration to go back to doing one of my favorite things and that would be doing manipulations. I have done so many that I have just tossed in the past few months and I found a cool Avril Lavigne pic that I thought would be a good base. This just kind of flowed together nicely, so I hope you like it.


In other news, I have decided to post all my images on my computer to a gallery. This originally came to me so that I would have them when I am out of town, but I figured that I have all these buddies online, why not give them another outlet for photos? So, it basically has everything in it. I am still FTPing stuff, so there's hardly nothing in it yet, but the categories are ones that I have up so far.

-TV Promos
-The X-Files
-TV Screencaps
-The X-Files


...and more to come!

So, if you are looking for anything, feel free to check it out. It is password protected to avoid so much spam (hate that), so you need to set up a password to get in.

Tasting Blood Awards

Oh, crap, I'm on one of those up all night benders...I'll probably be around for the next four hours or so...
And finally, I am also starting an art awards site. It is not like regular blend challenges; the rules are a bit different, but for right now, I have only the index page up. For any of you who are interested in it, here is the link and it should be up sometime this week.

And a little Harry Potter snippet. I love Internet quizzes. Especially when you get neat little pics in return...


[harry + hermione]


Tags: manipulation, wallpaper: buffy

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