Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Attention German Langugae Speakers!!

Okay, for those that have talked to me in the past, you know I'm a spaz for the German culture because my dad lived in Berlin and taught me German when I was little and so forth. However, I have NEVER been able to go to Germany and I don't have any German speaking friends, so I haven't had a solid German conversation in years.

Well, my little sister has fallen completely head over heels for a guy that she met through a friend. Her friend is the sister of this guy. He normally lives in Wisconsin, where she and the rest of my family live, but is currently stationed in Germany on the Army base. It is about 45 minutes outside of Frankfurt and starts with a K, but I cannot remember the name because I've only heard about it this one time. So he is sending her a damn plane ticket to come see him. Although it takes Xanax and booze to haul me onto a plane, I would pay the $900 to get on the plane with her. Unfortunately, she is only going to stay for five days. So $900 for five days, two of which are partially spent in a plane...I don't know.

Anyway, the point of my whole post here, I need a friend to chat with in German. They would need to speak English too, but here's the deal. I took six years of German in school, but that ended nine years ago. Since then, I have been doing my best to keep my German somewhat alive, but it's been through Rosetta Stone and dictionaries. So it would be broken. And there would probably be a fair amount of bad spelling, but I'm a total spelling freak in English, so I carry that over to German as well. I just want someone to talk German to!

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