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Car advice please?

Ugh, just took my insurance off the Beetle. Well, not all of it. It still has the part of the insurance that covers it in case something unforeseen happens like the roof of the garage caving in or something. But I don't see myself driving again until April or May because I simply cannot afford the part to fix it.

Does anyone know of any car models that have really good engine and transmission life? Having a car I paid $30K for die after $60K miles is really disheartening and having the person I got it from not help me at all makes me greatly distrust dealers. So I have decided to ask the consumers because I feel I will get a much more honest answer.

The one car I would love to get after this is all done is a Volvo, but unfortunately, I have heard they can be a real pain in the ass from people that own them.

Moral to the story: ALWAYS get an extended powertrain warranty.

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