Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Six Feet Under Screencaps HD: 1x01 - 1x08

Got a new show to screencap - Six Feet Under. I finally found someone who would be interested in using them, so I decided, why not? I love the show and have been wanting to cap it for a while anyway. I would have started earlier, but someone snagged my box sets...

For those following my real life, VW is still treating me like garbage. I have contacted everyone, including the CEOs in both the American and German sectors, only to get the same bullshit response. Moral here: Don't buy a VW. They have shit transmissions. And if you insist on buying one, for the love of God, get an extended powertrain warranty. So now I am in the middle of speaking to the Better Business Bureau, the State Attorney General, and various news outlets around town. I also am friends with the city prospector, so if it comes down to that, I can always talk to him. Ah, good times...


- Six Feet Under: 1x01 - Pilot
- Six Feet Under: 1x02 - The Will
- Six Feet Under: 1x03 - The Foot
- Six Feet Under: 1x04 - Familia
- Six Feet Under: 1x05 - An Open Book
- Six Feet Under: 1x06 - The Room
- Six Feet Under: 1x07 - Brotherhood
- Six Feet Under: 1x08 - Crossroads

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