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Life post...

First and foremost, for those of you that visit my website, it is going to be a little out of commission for a while. It will still be available, but with no updates. Reason being, I have hit my limit for files to be uploaded. So I am switching hosts, which may take a while.

Next, my stepson got kicked out of school for good yesterday. So now he is out of high school and will have to work towards his GED. It's a major bummer and my husband is about ready to have a heart attack. I'm so glad he doesn't have high blood pressure because I think he may have exploded from all this stress by now. He feels like he failed somewhere along the way and feels guilty for not taking custody of him when he was younger so he could be out of his mother's negative environment where she told him he was no good and would amount to nothing. It sucks. But it's his decision. He should have done his work and graduated, but he simply decided not to do any work and do nothing in class. So he will have to live with that decision.

I'll close with happy news. My mom called this morning and told me she would pay for my transmission, so I'll have a running car again. I have done everything I can in regards to getting the dealership to help me, including calling a lawyer, but nothing can be done. I'm so happy that someone is going to help me because I don't have the money to pay for it.

OH! We went and saw Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein on stage last night! If it comes to your town, you should see it. It's fantastic! They did such a great job with it. I would have to say it is one of the best theater productions I have ever seen.
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