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Pop/Soda vs. Alcohol

This is making me kind of crazy. I'm choosing between two evils, so I figured I'd get some opinions.

I have to give up something for Lent. I do it every year and last year I gave up alcohol. For those that don't do Lent and/or don't know what it is, it is 40 days and 40 nights of giving something up. I'm Catholic, so I get to do all this fun stuff, lol. So this year, I am trying to decide between giving up pop (soda for those not living in MN) and alcohol.

Little facts behind each:

1. Pop

- I rarely drink it, but have become incredibly dependant on it lately, which I don't like

- It does a number on my skin. I break out terribly when I drink pop.

- It also really does bad things to my teeth and I am really weird about my dental health.

- I can't sleep when I drink it.

- Pop is in the vast majority of alcohol I drink because I only drink liquor and cocktails (no beer), so it would inadvertently cut down on my alcohol usage.

2. Alcohol

- I gave it up last year and stuck with it. It was tough because we went to a lot of concerts and I couldn't drink with anyone. So I was the sober girl in the room of drunks. It's tougher than it seems.

- I'm not a big drinker, nor do I do stupid stuff when I drink (ex: drive, start fights, etc.). I am that drunk that laughs and hugs everyone. And talks a LOT.

- I only drink about once a month, so it wouldn't be as big a deal giving up in that respect.

- Alcohol is the only thing I cut loose with. I don't smoke or do drugs, so I feel if I want a drink once in a while, I don't have to feel bad about it.

Okay, so I wanted to give some little lists. Now, please bear in mind, I do not want anyone giving me the evils of alcohol or bitching at me about my religious beliefs. I don't think that is too much to ask. Seriously, I get shit about being Catholic all the time and anyone who knows me personally knows I am the LAST person who is going to impose my beliefs on them or berate them for their own. It's to the point where I won't wear my ashes on Ash Wednesday because people GLARE at me. I'm not one of those psycho strict Catholics - I am my own person. The church doesn't make up my mind for me, I do. However, several aspects of it, such as Lent, are things I stick with. If you respect me, I'll respect you.

So, if you want, please give me your opinion on what you think I should give up. Usually I'm good at figuring this out, but I cannot do it this year and its Ash Wednesday, so I need to figure it out now. Thanks!


Oh, on a COMPLETELY different note - if anyone has the song "September Sun" by Type O Negative, could you send me a link?  I have the album at home, but can't find it and want to put it on my work computer.  Thanks!

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