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The Book of Eli

Okay, gotta do a movie review...

I feel like I haven't been to a movie in the theater in ages, for some reason. And I have to go see Shutter Island tomorrow, so I'll be back in there soon. Anyway, my husband won free tickets to go see Book of Eli at the Mall of America anytime we wanted, so we went last night.

Bear in mind, I wasn't too sure what the movie was about. When I first heard the name, I thought it had to do with something biblical, but there's no book in the Bible of that name, so I just went with what I saw in the TV spots about the post apocalyptic world.

First off, I'll watch pretty much ANYTHING Gary Oldman is in. In my opinion, he's the best actor around. Why? He is insanely versatile. Go from his character in Dracula, to True Romance, to Hannibal, and beyond, and you'll see what I mean. I find it sad that he has never won an Oscar cuz he deserves one. Plus, I found out Malcolm McDowell was in this, although I was entirely unsure of his role, but I adore him anyway. ALEX. I'm not a huge Denzel fan, but I'm not NOT a fan of him either. I feel he got kind of cheated at the Oscars because it seems they gave him that award to coincide with all the people of different races getting Oscars that year. I think he has done roles he was WAY more deserving of an Oscar than that role. But let's not get into my opinion of Oscar politics. That just goes on and on. Finally, I find Mila Kunis adorable.

It was funny because when I got out of the movie, my husband immediately said that he was glad we didn't have to pay for it. I personally loved it. I do feel that is the sensitive person and the Catholic in me talking. Maybe not even so much the Catholic, but the religious part. My husband isn't religious, whereas am I. It's funny because with some things like these types of movies, we have these DRASTIC contrasting opinions.

A basic slightly-spoilery synopsis: It has been thirty wars since 'The Flash', which was also referred to as the war but not really talked about in too much extent. Imagine what the entire planet would look like if it was a big war zone. Humans have pretty much gone back to their primal instincts which means that if you're a woman, if you don't know how to kick some major ass, you're going to be brutally raped and used as an object if you're not protected. I love how some people like to pretend that's not what would happen in that circumstance. If there is no law and order or basically any morals, you're not going to be able to walk safely down the street.

Denzel Washington plays an unnamed traveler carrying a book that he protects with his life. He is able to take care of himself in any situation, which is apparent in the first ten minutes of the film when it shows him kill five men in a span of about thirty seconds, all heavily armed. He comes upon a 'town' which very greatly resembles Deadwood, in my opinion, which is ruled by Gary Oldman. Gary is one of the few literate people left in the world and one of the oldest. Most of the characters, with exception of his and Denzel's, were either too young or not around when the world changed, so they know nothing different.

It comes to be found out pretty quick that Gary Oldman wants the Bible, which he realizes Denzel is carrying. Reason being, after the change in the world, all the books were burned, especially the holy ones because they were blamed for the war in the first place. Denzel carries the last Bible in existence. Since everyone is so young, they don't know of religion or the book, but Gary Oldman wants it so he can rule over everyone.

Without giving away anymore (my spoilers have gone about thirty minutes into the film), I'll just say that there are some great lines about things that people in the new world wouldn't understand that we do. One of Gary Oldman's soldiers asks him what a TV is, Denzel sings some Johnny Cash lyrics, much to Mila Kunis' confusion, and more. Although there are some scenes that could have been shortened and some of the acting was a bit much, I really liked it.

The ending has a twist to it, clearly, one that I enjoyed. Perhaps the reason I enjoyed this film as much as I did is because it made me feel grateful for what I have, especially in a time where I have been feeling really bad about my current situation. I have food, clothing, somewhere to live, and pretty much more than I really need. I don't have to be worried about only being able to make money by selling myself or having to kill people to get a meal for the evening or even some water. Strangely enough, it showed what could happen if there was absolutely NO faith in anything because most of the characters were unaware of what faith even was. I've always wondered if the world would actually be better off if there was no religion because most of the world's wars were based off of people's interpretation of it and not agreeing with one another on it. But this shows how animalistic and primitive human beings can become if they really feel there is no reason to act any other way.

4 stars out of 5 from me. I would recommend it. I'm off to see Shutter Island tomorrow (which I have been waiting for FOREVER) and to possibly do a double feature and see The Wolfman as well.

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