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SSH - HELP!!!!

Okay, so I am changing everything over to my new host, Dreamhost.  I am currently importing all of the tables in my databases, but one of my tables is FAR too big to be imported through PHP Admin.

I have shell access to the host.  I have never used this before, but I get the idea because I use Telnet at work, which I know is around the same concept.  Well, I found out that Telnet and Dreamhost don't get along, so I need to figure out how to access SSH.

HOW THE HELL DO I GET ACCESS TO SSH?????  It seriously cannot be this hard!!!!

I got something called 'Putty' that is supposed to help me garner access to SSH, but I cannot figure out how to use it.  I wish that they worked with Telnet.  Things would be so much easier.  
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