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Maximum Capacity - Fanmix

 The following is a fanmix of the many songs I have been listening to while writing my current novel, and a few that inspired it.

Since I am unable to really go into details about the novel itself, due to certain people who like to steal things, I do my best to explain the reasoning for each of the songs included. 

If anyone knows of any communities I can post this at, let me know.  I'm not too up on the fanmix stuff.



1. Nirvana - Lithium
This song is the main inspiration for the main character.  It fits her perfectly.  I can't think of anything but her when I hear this song and often use it when I need some more inspiration.

2. Oasis - Wonderwall
This song helped me develop the the relationship between the main character and one of the secondary ones.  For those of you that helped me out with managing to write an actual sex scene for the first time remember that.  This song was a big inspiration for that scene.

3. Roger Waters, Van Morrison, & The Band - Comfortably Numb (Live)
Since the main character spends most of her time doped out of her skull in an attempt to get through her life, I figured I pretty much HAD to add this.  And I am simply in love with this version of it right now, so I decided to go with it.

4. Eyes Set to Kill - The World Outside
I found this song a few months ago when I was writing at about three in the morning and listening to Headbanger's Ball.  It reminded me greatly of my main character and her diminishing psychosis.  The outside world and everything that comes with it is caving in on her, creating a madness she is unable to control.

5. David Bowie - Breaking Glass (Live)
The lyrics, 'you're such a wonderful person, but you've got problems' in this song remind me greatly of the way my secondary character views  the main one, although she feels herself that she is less than nothing.

6. Bush - The Chemicals Between Us
A simple song that reminds me of the pairing of the main and secondary character.

7. Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
The main character is a billionaire rock star and this song not only reminds me of how she feels throughout the entire novel, but also how her voice and overall musical sound would be like.  

8. Gary Numan - Torn
The main character is losing her mind and sees hallucinations that she not only believes are real, but talks to and is terrified of.  The lyrics in this song remind me of her fear and general anxiety.

9. Band of Horses - The Funeral
One of the overall themes of the novel is death, whether it be the actual presence of it, the fear of it, or just the thoughts of it.  The characters in this novel are always prepared for death at every turn.

10. Nine Inch Nails - Gave Up
For a few brief moments throughout the novel, the main character feels human, despite all her mental issues and addictions. It's only when she realizes that she has someone who really loves that she understands she can live a life outside of what she has.  However, she keeps slipping back into the insanity she has managed to create with her lifestyle. 


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