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Finished manusript - need an editor/beta

Okay, so this is an ultra terrifying notion for me...

I just finished the rough draft of my manuscript. And when I say that, I mean the REALLY rough draft because I've been going through it over and over and still find little things to fix like extra words and stuff.

I haven't had anyone read my own fiction in years. The thought of it terrifies me because it's like my baby and I don't want anyone to criticize it despite its flaws. So I need to break through that because if I can't handle criticism, the whole idea of publishing anything is out the window. I have gotten rejection letters in the past for other stuff they just were no fun. One was downright nasty mean, but the rest were just critical.

I'm asking that someone who enjoys being a beta to read the manuscript and give me your overall thoughts. If anyone is interested in this, I will PM you the synopsis and what I am looking for with a beta. The manuscript is roughly 80,000 words, for reference.

Basically, I need to grow a spine again when it comes to my writing. I had one when I first started college because one of my professors used to edit my work and I learned how to take it in to make the work better.

On a legal note: I have had this manuscript copyrighted and registered. If you are here to steal characters and ideas, welcome to a lawsuit because this manscript is now protected. I hate that I even have to mention this, but it's the world we live in.

EDIT: I figured I'd add some stuff, otherwise you won't know what you're getting into.


Mia Slate is a world renowned rock star who has had too many indulgences, whether they be fame, drugs, or sex. Growing anagoraphobia and claustrophobia mixed with her addictive nature cause her to revert into a cabin fever like state, causing hallucinations, insomnia, and a massive distrust of people in general. When she is able to get small periods of sleep, she is plagued by recurring nightmares of being killed by crowds of people. Being shuffled from hotel rooms to shows and beyond by handlers and managers cause her to see the world as simply one giant space, making it difficult for her to determine where she is at any given moment throughout the story. As the story progresses, her mental stability deteriorates to the point of sheer madness, something she may never come back from.

Contains: adult language, sexual content, violence, and excessive drug abuse


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