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Airport Security - Opionionated Post

This is another one of those rare opinionated posts from me. I usually avoid such posts because I hate arguing with people. Especially online because since I can't hear tones, it's difficult to resolve problems. But this is just irking me.

Many people on my f-list know I am TERRIFIED of flying. It takes 2ML of Xanax and at least a half a bottle of vodka for me to even get on the plane without completely losing my mind. Before I was prescribed the Xanax, I was going to Miami for my sister in law's wedding. I got on the plane, we put everything in the overhead thing, and I lost it. I started sobbing and hyperventilating and just took off running. They were ready to close the door and let me out just before they did. One of the flight attendants came with me to help because I was just a mess.

Three main reasons I am scared to fly in no particular order:
- I am claustrophobic
- I am always worried the plane is going to crash
- I don't want to get blown up in a terrorist attack

This is where the above link comes into play. As of now, they have implemented these scanners in many airports around the US and I think in some other countries. Now, I know everyone hates security and no one would want to have to go through these things if we didn't have to, but really who gives a shit? I keep hearing about all this invasion of privacy crap. They are using it to PROTECT US. They aren't using the machines as something that others can get off on or so they can see you naked. They are using it so in case some asshole is suit casing a bomb, they can see it. People are so upset about this, it's idiotic.

I think people need to understand that flying is not a right. It's not. It's a privilege. If the government implements scanners, don't bitch about it. Think about it this way: would you rather have officials view a scan of you in a room away from the view of all the people around you in line and have a safe flight or would you rather take the chance of being blown up during the flight? Hell, if it came down to it, I'd strip down entirely if it meant that they would ensure me a 100% safe flight.

My entire family is going to Germany in April. I can't go due to my horrible fear of flying. I wish people could get over this shit. Then all it would take to get me on the plane would be the booze and pills to get over shaky flights and claustrophobia.
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