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Big website update.  See all the goodies below and more HERE.

I updated all my Supernatural stills. I know, it's been forever. Since 5x03 aired, to be exact. It's because I stopped watching the show at 5x05. I'm going to watch all of season five at once because I enjoy doing that much more than watching week to week.

The Vampire Diaries are now a staple at t. I have capped episodes one through twelve so far and will be capping more this weekend. The stills and promos are also up. I wanted to provide a lot of movie promos simply because I love when people art movies. I don't see a lot of it, so I figured I'd serve as a source for as many people as possible. The movies section will really range, just based on what I see as something that would benefit either myself or the site's audience.


- Alice in Wonderland
- American Psycho
- Book of Eli
- Dread
- Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

- Ed Westwick
- Jessica Stam
- Julianne Moore
- Lauren Graham

- Supernatural: 5x04: The End
- Supernatural: 5x05: Fallen Idols
- Supernatural: 5x06: I Do Believe the Children are Our Future
- Supernatural: 5x07: The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
- Supernatural: 5x08: Changing Channels
- Supernatural: 5x09: The Real Ghostbusters
- Supernatural: 5x10: Abandon All Hope...
- Supernatural: 5x13: The Song Remains the Same
- Supernatural: 5x14: My Bloody Valentine
- Supernatural: 5x15: Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
- The Vampire Diaries: 1x01: Pilot
- The Vampire Diaries: 1x02: Night of the Comet
- The Vampire Diaries: 1x03: Friday Night Bites
- The Vampire Diaries: 1x04: Family Ties
- The Vampire Diaries: 1x05: You're Undead to Me
- The Vampire Diaries: 1x06: Lost Girls
- The Vampire Diaries: 1x07: Haunted
- The Vampire Diaries: 1x08: 162 Candles
- The Vampire Diaries: Behind the Scenes

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