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Some communities and their f**king rules...

Okay, this post isn't as horrible as the header makes it out to be. I'm just rather annoyed. I have been trying to post to a certain community on LJ for a little over a month. Mainly because it's about the ONLY community I can post to because my stuff doesn't fit on anything else except my own journal and got like, one, post on that journal entry.

Those communities that are such insane sticklers to their rules that it is insane make me nuts. After my first rejection from them, I went to their rules post, literally copied a sample entry, and replaced my info in the sample info. It got rejected again. So, thinking I forgot something, I redid what I did above and tried again. Another rejection. I have tried contacting the mods, but no one has responded.

I understand why there are rules. I'm really big on organization. But come on!

So hey, if you want to see my original entry in my LJ, go here.
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