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Video Re-release...Buffy/Faith

 Hello all,
For those of you that remember this video, you're great.  For those of you who never saw it, I got it taken down after a huge shitstorm of gay bashers decided they didn't like it.  So it's up again for the first time in quite a while.  If you like it, feel free to comment here or on the YouTube.

Title: Broken Dreams
Song: Fall into Sleep by Mudvayne

WARNING: AU FEMSLASH - If you don't like it, please don't watch. Seriously, I had this thing up years ago and had to take it down because of all the gay bashing. It's fiction, chill out.

Now onto the happy stuff (sort of):
This is my first AU done a few years back.. I have had requests to bring it back, so here it is.
Buffy is in a relationship with Angel but meets Faith and begins to feel for her. She breaks it off with Angel and begins a relationship with Faith. In a fit of rage, Angel murders Faith, destroying Buffy. Buffy then is forced to avenge Faith's death.
Again I say, if you are here to bash because of the girl on girl action, please don't. It does nothing but belittle me and if you don't like it, why watch it anyway? It was made for fun and that's what I'm taking it as.
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