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Travel recommendations

It's my honeymoon, I like this icon.

Okay, I am NOT one to bitch or find fault, seriously, I'm not.  But I was told when going down here by our travel people that this place is all romantic and secluded and such.  We are at Sandals All Inclusive, by the way.  I see that there are tons of restuarants and bars and all this good stuff.  We are told we get this all free and Internet, which was important to us because our wedding photos are on a website that is soon to be emailed to us.

Yeah...we get here.  FIRST OFF, we lost all the money for the first day we were not here because of the bastard airline.  Just give us a free spa treatment or something, you know?  A little compensation so the customer is happy.  No.  We get here, only to find out that we have to pay $70 extra dollars for Internet access.  Well, we needed it because we are down here with NO cell phone service since we are out of the US.  We needed to call my mom because she was very worried about if we had gotten to Saint Lucia.  And I'll be damned if I'm going to make an international phone call out of a hotel.  Hotel calls alone are expensive enough.  My husband (yes, husband now.  How odd is that?) bitched up a storm and oh, guess who has access to their lobby WiFi?  I would not have had us do it if we were not promised it to begin with and we really did need it.  Now I'm using it for fun, but hey. 

Anyhow, we get here, only to find out that the restaurants all require you to wear clothes we did not bring.  Now, if you went to the Caribbean and were eating at a resturant literally ON the beach, would you not think that you could go in and eat a pastry wearing sandals, shorts, and a bathing suit top?  You should have seen the LOOK I got from the chick who said I couldn't be in there.  Finally, we found a pub we could eat at just wearing jeans and my T-shirts I brought with.  Well, the food, with the exception of a couple things, are like cafeteria food.  Everything is either fried or processed and I'm not a total snob, but I paid NEARLY $1000 a day to stay here.  Wouldn't you expect some good food and service?  Shouldn't you be able to wear pretty much anything you want as well?  Now, I did bring a dress down here for any fancy places because I DO understand if there are some of those, but we were never told that at all.  We found a couple that feels the same as us and we are going out of the resort on Saturday to find a nice place to eat.  We should not have to do that though.

Lastly, honeymoon places should be all romantic and peaceful and such.  What do we get at the pool?  Basically, your spring break type crowd.  People doing shots constantly at the swim up bar.  I like doing that stuff, but that is not what I wanted to do on this trip, nor is it what I paid for.  Argh...

I would never recommend Sandals to anyone.  Yes, the place itself is beautiful.  The land and views are awesome and the bartenders are a ton of fun.  But that is it.

We were discussing our next trip and we are planning on either heading to England or Australia.  I originally wanted to go to Australia.  Don't think when I was sitting in Puerto Rico on Monday I wasn't thinking, "I could have been in Melbourne five hours ago!"  So I am always open to travel suggestions.   I can't have any kids, so our deal in life is to just travel and experience the world.
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