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Almost home...

Okay, things are a BIT better now.  We finally got in touch with real management who hooked us up with a badass couples massage and spa treatment, which you normally pay about $400 extra for.  Oh, my god.  We have to do this about once every few months.  Now, my only issue is that I'm so damn oily. 
Another thing is that I am going to have about a zillion awesome stock photos to FTP to my site when I get home, so if you are in the need, be sure to check that out.  I'll make sure to post a few here as well and then provide a link. My husband does professional photography, so he got some BEAUTIFUL photos of the ocean, the volcano, flowers, and all this stuff.
We did get to go on a tour yesterday.  I'm not relating that to this place because it is not related to the resort.  We pay for it and go out for eight hours.  We went to a city out here that had a botanical garden and a volcano (many photos will be included from that in the stock photos).  The city was SO poor though.  It was one of those places where you go and are really grateful for what you have.  Seriously, it was rough. 
So, we got the tour and the spa.  Those were real nice.  All inclusive is not for us because those are two examples of things we normally would do on a trip and they are both outside the resort.
All right, I was going to attempt to put a photo from the wedding up, but the connection in this lobby is slow and the photo is huge.  I'll do another posting tonight if I can and maybe get the photo on.  Tomorrow I go home.  Ew, three flights.  My ass had BETTER not wind up stuck in an airport again somewhere between here and Minneapolis (aka: Miami!).  I miss my animals, I want to go see them.
My husband just took a photo of me ON LJ.  That will make a fantastic icon.
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