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The Deutsch...

My family is just getting on the plane for their trip to Germany. They have to go from Minneapolis to Detroit. Then they have a five hour layover in Detroit. No offense to Detroit, but even people who live there don't like the airport. Still, it can't be any worse than the Miami airport. I actually pay the extra $400 to avoid having to stop there when going to Key West. It bothers me. I got stopped and entirely searched there once because I was carrying narcotics that could only be on me with a prescription. Well, I had accidentally put the thing in my luggage, so we had to take it all apart rather than have me arrested for drug smuggling. I can't exactly blame them with all the coke that was smuggled through there. Another thing that bothers me is the location. I had to return a car and get on a 3 am flight once, so I dropped off the car at 1 am. That area of town is SO scary. They have bars on vending machines, for God's sake. I was in the rental place and had to go to the bathroom - the bathroom looked like a horror movie set. Scary shit.

Moving along, after the layover, they have to fly from Detroit to Frankfurt for eight hours. I think I would be chewing down Xanax out of boredom rather than fear if I had to deal with that flight. My mom managed to get herself a bottle of it so she could sleep. Being afraid of flying, I couldn't imagine having that white knuckle grip on the arm rests for over ten hours. The longest I have done it is four hours. Of course, my flight to Vegas where I couldn't sit by my husband (which scared me more because I usually bury my head in his chest when the plane takes off cuz that is the hardest part for me) turned okay once the alcohol was passed around. Then I just started joking around with the couple next to me. It was actually a party flight because we were all going to Vegas for a radio show, so it was a big party. That was the coolest flight ever because everyone was just there to have fun.

For those that don't know, my sister is going to Germany to see this guy that she has been conversing with online for months now, convinced she is going to marry him. I'm really curious to see how this turns out, since they have never met before.

I'm wondering if I even want to go to Europe anymore. I was sickly jealous and felt bad because my parents are going and paying for my sister, but wouldn't buy me a ticket. They know how into German culture I am. I have been studying it since I was nine and am the only one left in the family who speaks the language. I've never had a chance to go there. I would love to see the place and all the historical stuff, but I have to really question if I want to spend all that money and put myself through all that mental anguish and fear flying over there. Every time I bring up a vacation for next year, I see myself in Seattle or California because I simply love both places. The hills in California on the coast make me crazy, I just love them. That may sound weird, but I think it's because we don't have them in MN. We were lost in San Diego last July in the middle of the night and my husband was going nuts looking at the map and I was just giddy going up and down Hwy 5. Seattle is my dream home. The mountains are so beautiful, plus they have the ocean as well. If I could afford it, I'd move out there now.

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