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Sam/Ruby Fanmix - ReDefined

Medium: TV
Fandom: Supernatural
Subject: Sam and Ruby
Title: ReDefined
Warnings: Some sexual themes 
Notes: Includes music from Guns n' Roses, Front Line Assembly, Stone Temple Pilots and more...

Devour – Marilyn Manson
“I'll swallow up all of you like a big bottle of big, big pills. You’re the one I should never take, but I can’t sleep until I devour you. And I’ll love you if you let me. And I’ll love you if you won’t make me starve…"
I think the lyrics say it all in this one. I immediately thought of Sam and Ruby and his dependency on her blood when I heard this one.

Come on Closer – Jem
“Come on closer. I wanna show you what I’d like to do. You sit back now. Just relax now and I’ll take care of you…"
This is one of the songs that reminds me of the awesome sex scene in the “I Know What You Did Last Summer" episode.

Suffocate – Staind
“Please believe you’ll save me, rearrange me. I can feel your feelings running through me. Take away my sorrow; my tomorrow. Heal me; I’m suffocating…"
I feel this is a song that describes their relationship when Dean was dead because Sam was so messed up then, to say the least.

Last – Nine Inch Nails
“Look through these blackened eyes. You’ll see ten thousand lies. My lips promise but my heart is a whore. Dress up this rotten carcass to make it look alive. This isn’t meant to last; this is for right now…"
Honestly, if I could get away with it, I would make a Nine Inch Nails fanmix based solely on Sam and Ruby because there are SO many songs that match their relationship by that band. This one shows that manipulative side of Ruby that Sam pretty much refused to see.

Blue – A Perfect Circle
“Close my eyes just to look at you; taken by the seamless vision. I close my eyes, ignore the smoke. Call it aftermath – she’s turning blue. Such a perfect color for you.."
I’ve always felt this song is about not so much necrophilia in that definition, but more the love of someone who is dead. Whether it means fantasizing about being with someone you loved that has passed on or whatever, I never really decided, but I feel it fits with Ruby. Let’s face it – her body is dead. But Sam still wants her and relies on her regardless. He sees past it.

Splitting the Atom – Massive Attack featuring Horace Andy
“The summer’s gone before you know. The muffled drums of relentless flow. You’re looking at stars that give you vertigo. The sun’s still burning and the dust will blow. Honey scars; I’ll keep you near…"
This song really grabbed me more by the music than the lyrical content. Something about it is terribly soothing. I loved the lyric ‘the summer’s gone before you know’ because it was when Sam was suffering and Ruby essentially saved him from himself. The one closely following it of ‘I’ll keep you near’ rings true of the rest of their relationship as he become unable to function without her.

Rocket Queen – Guns N’Roses
“I can turn on anyone just liked I turned on you. I got a tongue like a razor, a sweet switchblade knife. And I can do you favors but then you’ll do whatever I like…"
Manipulative Ruby song – had to see it coming. I love this song. It’s incredibly sexual in nature, as was their relationship as I viewed it. The lyric above about favors reminded me of the bloodletting and then Sam’s later opening the last seal unknowingly.

Burden in my Hand – Soundgarden
“Close your eyes and bow your head – I need a little sympathy. Cause fear is strong and love’s for everyone who isn’t me. So kill your health and kill yourself and kill everything you love. And if you live you can fall to pieces and suffer with my ghost…"
This is another one of those Sam is in major mental angst and Ruby swoops down to pull him out of his hole of misery songs. Pretty basic, but I had to add it.

Laughing Pain – Front Line Assembly
“In their eyes perception appears; broken force scratches their faith. Crippled hysteria; the laughing pain…"
This one kind of took a hard left for me when considering it for this fanmix. I looked at it from Sam’s point of view because he really got the sharp end of the stick in season four. The person he loved died and went to Hell because he brought him back to life. So he wallows in misery over that. Then, he gets Ruby, who he feels cares for him, and did in a messed up way, but she ends up screwing him at the end of the season. This song feels like it’s coming from someone scared and confused, but miserable at the same time.

She’s Unreal – Man Beat Manifesto
“Give me love so that I can kill; she’s unreal. She’s unusual…"
I hope it is as easy for others to see what I see in this song in regards to Sam and Ruby. She cared for him and fed him the blood so that he was able to kill off the demons. It’s not too tough, but hey…

Drugstore – Stabbing Westward
“You seduced me lonely in your hell. Naked, hungry, I crawl into your cell. A virtual drugstore is piled on your bed – I can’t resist with your tongue inside my head. I’m so tired of living for your touch. I’m so tired of needing you so much. How can everything be justified by you?"
This song reminds me of how Sam depended on Ruby so much and seemed to wonder if it was really what he should be doing or not when questioned by Dean.

Vasoline – Stone Temple Pilots
“Two times and it has rendered me punch drunk and without bail. Think I’d be safer all alone. Flies in the vasoline we are; sometimes it blows my mind. Keep getting stuck here all the time…"
The ‘flies’ in this song remind me of Sam and Ruby. They’re both misfits in a way, at least before he knew her true intentions.

DOWNLOAD ZIP HERE - Includes all songs and artwork
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