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Back home with some wedding photos

Oh, it's SO good to be out of airports!  I have been in airports from 6 yesterday morning and just got back here at midnight.  Three different flights.  When you are in there that long, it gets to a point where you start getting a little evil.  One word of advice when you are in airports - please don't just stop in the middle of nowhere when you are supposed to be boarding or exiting the terminals.  I had so many people just come to a halt in front of me.  Not only does it slow things down (who doesn't want to get the plane up and moving faster), but there is also the fact that I am lugging bags around on rollers that crash into me every time I have to come to a stop like that.

Oh, and I went to check my purse for something this morning.  The housekeeping at the resort we were at not only swiped my Dior eyeliner out of my purse, but an $800 necklace that my husband gave me as an anniversary gift a couple years back.  You may be wondering why I was carrying it around.  I always wear that and my cross and the two got tangled the other day.  We got the cross untangled, but the other one was still a mess, so I just put it back in my purse.  I put the purse in the room and never touched it that whole week.  I never took the makeup out because we never went anywhere fancy either.  There is no way it fell out because the thing is basically sealed when it snaps shut.  Plus, I made damn good and sure that it hadn't  slipped somewhere before I made that little accusation.  So now I can't prove it and I'm out a necklace I loved.  Bastards.

Anyway, home sweet home.  I got to see my animals and my mom had gone out and bought me a set of Hello Kitty towels (she said they were the wedding present from my pets).  They are so cute, I love Hello Kitty.  Like, to a bad extent.  I have a Hello Kitty ice pack in my freezer, people.

Here are a few wedding photos to tide over those who have asked.

The top of our cake with the Homer and Marge topper

Me before the ceremony

Me and the girls - left to right, my sister in law, my older sister, my younger sister, my best friend, and my cousin

My sisters and I - the little blonde one is NEVER dressed up.  She's a total gearhead, people hardly recognized her.

I love this one.  I can't wait to see what the professional one looks like, as this was from my mom when the pro was shooting.

One of my favs for some reason.  My little sister, me, my husband, my best friend's son (the ring bearer), and the priest.

I'm eagerly anticipating the professional ones and about a thousand more from all the little cameras at the reception!
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