Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Constructive criticism...

So...I may be wrong on this bit, but when providing constructive criticism, isn't it proper to provide both positive and negative feedback? Even if like less than one percent of the feedback is positive?

I finally got my husband to start reading my manuscript last night and he agreed to read three chapters a day. I worked on it for about two years and am currently in that dreaded edit/revision stage where I need feedback and keep reading the same damn thing a hundred times.

Yeah, he fucked up.

When your significant other gives you something they have worked on forever and been super excited for you to read and asks that you provide constructive criticism, it's not a good plan to ONLY tell her, "You have no detail, no character development, and I can't picture any of this." That is literally how he said it too. It wasn't like he suggested how I could make things better or said why he thought part of it sucked or anything. I was just looking at him like, "Seriously, there wasn't a single thing you liked? Not one good line? Nothing?"

That's what I got to do last night.
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