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10 May 2010 @ 10:35 am
Weekend stuff...  
So this weekend was kind of interesting...

- On Friday we went to a friend's birthday party and I was somehow drunk before I even got to his house. Two glasses of vodka and Red Bull went to my head FAST that day. Strangely, I only had one other drink that night and was just in the hangover from Hell the next day, so I think it just hit me wrong because I'm usually not that much of a lightweight. However, my husband and I were messing around when he was just as drunk as me and he picked me up to carry me in the other room. Well, he stumbled and I ended up smashing my face into this glass case we have on the wall and fell face first into the hardwood floor. So the whole right side of my body is bruised because I'm so fair skinned and bruise easily. My husband feels SO bad. But I wasn't seriously hurt and the case was very well secured to the wall because if it had fallen it may have killed me. So, another plus. I keep teasing my husband about it now though, telling him that first he criticized my story and then dropped me. Nice work, honey.

- Then comes a portion of the weekend I would love to just erase entirely from my existence. Ugh, has anyone seen (or heard of) the film 'The Human Centipede'? All right, I'm one of those people who LOVES horror films and will watch just about anything. However, roughly fifteen or so minutes into this, I had to turn it off because I felt just sick (literally physically ill) listening to any of it. This is the kind of film that made me feel dirty just watching it, or just sad to be a human being. For those that don't know, it's about a mad surgeon who kidnaps three people and sews them to each other to create a so called human centipede. I personally don't care how much the people who made this would deny it, but someone was going through Josef Mengeles' human experimentation logs when they made this shit. It's not just a coincidence that the madman is a crazy German doctor. That's not the only thing. There are far too many overlapping issues. Anyway, for those that may have seen it, I got as far as when he described the surgery to the people and was honestly about to throw up. I told my husband he could watch it some other time if he wanted to, but I never wanted to see it. I just felt incredibly bad after even seeing those first few minutes because it sickened me that someone decided to make the thing. And again, I'm all about horror movies and stuff, but this was far too close to the Nazi human experiments for me to handle it in a fictional manner.

- To make things better, we were having just a lazy day yesterday since my mom lives far away now, so I'm doing Mother's Day next weekend. We caught up with the new season of Nurse Jackie, which I just LOVE! Oh, that show is awesome. For the Twilight fans, Carlisle is in it (I actually think it's his show) and for the Sopranos fans, Carmela is in it. I can't remember how to spell their real names, so I'm going with characters. It's so awesome. Then we rewatched season two of True Blood and watched the Rambo movies before we fell asleep. That was fun.

- Yes, finally, I now have a new fandom to be super excited about. I just started watching The Vampire Diaries the other night because Mia Kirshner was on it. I've honestly never been so excited about a new fandom since I first started watching Supernatural. And since Supernatural has continued to let me down time and time again this year, it's nice to have one. So my muse was sparked as soon as I watched the episode the other night and had to do some art. I tried to do icons, but just wasn't able to. So I did a couple walls. I have some more WIPs that I was working on last night, but decided to take a break, so there will be more shortly. I'm so excited in that geeky little way, lol! :)

- 2 Vampire Diaries Wallpapers
Do not edit any of these graphics.
Do not post any of these graphics on FanPop or anywhere else without asking first! I'm nice and just like to know where my stuff is, so just ask.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
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Full Size
Title: Come Cast Your Spell on Me
Cast: Damon and Elena
Words: Type O Negative
Info: This was a fun piece to do and actually worked with me because usually when I use promos, things are much more difficult. My creativity feels limited. I like this one, however. I'm the type that likes all kinds of ships. For example, I'm both a Bangel and Spuffy fan from the Buffy fandom because they are both so considerably different. I feel the same falls into The Vampire Diaries because I like both of the brothers but prefer Damon because he's the vampire that loves being one and has that badass hot aspect to him. So I have the feeling that they'll be more of him in my artwork. As you can see, this is a simple pairing piece. I like the Type O Negative lyrics used here because they are very vamperic sounding, or at least cursed sounding. I used the coloring I did to enhance an overall softness to the piece. That's pretty much all there is to that.

Full Size
Title: My Mistake
Cast: Isobel and Alaric
Words: Isobel
Info: I had this piece in my head when I first watched the "Isobel" episode last week. For those that don't know, I'm just totally insane about Mia Kirshner, so getting to see her as a vampire was beyond awesome. I found this scene to be particularly sad and everyone knows that I'm all about arting the angst. Originally, I wanted to use the cap where she puts the ring back on his hand, but it just wouldn't cooperate with me. Maybe some other time. I ended up using this coloring because I feel that although their is loss in this piece, there is also a gain of a new life when Isobel takes away the memories. Therefore, I placed some coloring in the piece, but not entirely.

I feel: energeticenergetic
I'm listening to: True Faith by New Order
vamplover85vamplover85 on May 10th, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
hun, gorgeous new walls!! Incrediable!!! <3 <3 I need inspiration for that episode too, tried to do Icons for that episode, but it didn't come out the way I wanted too, maybe you'll see them on Thursday. :) *hugs* Glad you had a good weekend too. & TEEEHEE I'm obsessed with Damon/Elena so yay for the wall!!! :) He was amazing in that episode. *drools* lol. *hugs* lovely new art and can't wait to see more and so excited that you had a good weekend, I did too. :)
Lady Manson: tvd - damon/elanaladymanson on May 10th, 2010 06:52 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm glad you like them! I was totally waiting for your response cuz I know you're big into the show too. :) This show will certainly have a large presence on my site.
vamplover85vamplover85 on May 11th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
Your welcome darling, and was wondering if you could help me out here for a minute whenever you have time because I seriously need some help I'll be on in the morning tomorrow but my content on my page is different now I don't know how to change it. It's lower than it should to my "Forever Dreaming" underneath it normally I have the saying of my content right underneath it but had no idea what I did wrong with it. If you could help me, I'll love ya forever! :D
Lady Manson: tvd - stefan/elanaladymanson on May 11th, 2010 03:28 pm (UTC)
Do you use Cutenews? I use it and this happened to me once and it drove me nuts. It was something that was in the Cutenews, but I remember it was easy to fix once I found it. If you want, I can look through your Cutenews posts. You just need to add me as a user in your Cutenews. You can delete that user at any time, so if I find it, you could just delete it afterwards so I can't get into your stuff in the future.
vamplover85vamplover85 on May 12th, 2010 10:23 pm (UTC)
Yes I use it, I just need your e-mail and that's it for the user. Thanks so much if you can find what's wrong with it. It's driving me nuts because everything else is working fine but that. cause I refreshed everything and it works that way. So I think that's it. But thanks darling. *hugs*
Princess Robot Bubblegum!: amy jason idiotastrothsknot on May 10th, 2010 11:07 pm (UTC)
i'll be snagging those walls just as soon as the pc is working again. i love TVD. as for the film one of my flist put it up. i don't know what it saiys about me that my main objection is that a doct, even a batshit hot shot surgeon would know that science doesn't work like that and instead of being horrified by the film or sickened , i'd be either shouting at the telly or laughing at how ludicrous the film sounds.
Lady Mansonladymanson on May 11th, 2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
Oh, thank you - that's nice to hear! :)

As far as the film, yeah, that's the other aspect of it that no one seems to get. The guy who made it claims to have consulted a real surgeon who claimed it could be done and I'm just like, "No, you didn't. Even the little amount of medical science I have researched shows that can't be done." I think the whole part of it that sickened me so much was because it reminded me far too much of the Nazi medical experiments. At the beginning of the film, the people are crying and screaming in this makeshift hospital in his basement and I almost started to cry because I just can't get over the fact that those awful experiments took place in WW2. That stuff really bothers me.
CrystalSC: vampire diaries - devil damoncrystalsc on May 12th, 2010 05:57 am (UTC)
These are BEAUTIFUL! :) Totally using the Damon/Elena one. Love the coloring in the Isobel/Alaric wall too. (I'm so in love with his name.) What an amazing scene that was. The dialogue, the acting, etc...It was all there. And it threw me for her bad attitude to have all been a charade. I was totally buying her as the bitch.

I like both of the brothers but prefer Damon because he's the vampire that loves being one and has that badass hot aspect to him.
This is my reaction too.