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School and Berlin

God, if I have to explain this one more damn time...

I need to post this here because my f-list is always awesome when it comes to just leaving comments that make me feel better, no matter what they say.

I am currently in my last month of school and am taking Biology and Environmental Science. I have a 4.0 GPA and have a current grade of 99.4% in Environmental Science. I take courses online. If anyone has taken online schooling before, you may be familiar with this. We have a think called originality verification on the school site. It is something where you submit your papers to check against every single paper that has ever been turned into any schools online to prevent plagiarism. I have been doing school for a year and have never had an issue with it. Well, usually I take on class a month. They're super accelerated, as we do sixteen weeks of coursework in four weeks. So here is what happened.

Two weeks ago, I did a paper for Biology. I turned it into the verification area and found that my paper was 66% similar to papers online. This can happen. It turned out that it was because of the Word table in the paper that will look the same with EVERY paper if filled out correctly. Combing that with my reference page and my title page, that accounted for 35% of the score. Having a then score of 31% on the paper was no problem. However, I'm nuts and wanted a lower score, so I went and changed some of my wording and added some more info. I went to check out the score of the 'new' paper. When I went to the verification area, I found that my old paper wasn't in there. What happened? I had accidentally put my other paper in the area in the Environmental Science class because I had opened the wrong class. So, I figured I'd right it and add it to my Biology verification area. When I did that, the paper came back as a 100% copy.


The paper had already been turned in through the Environmental Science class, so it was in the system as a whole. So when I turned it in the second time, it looked like I had copied a paper and turned it in. Essentially, I plagiarized myself. Wrap your head around that.

I explained this to my Biology teacher. He didn't understand. I explained it two more times. Then I told him that I could give him all the information for the Environmental Science class so that my teacher in that class could verify that I had indeed accidentally turned in the paper in that class. He said it would be no problem.

What did I get as a grade? 0/125. Why? In the words of my teacher, the paper was copied from one already in the system. Wow, no shit, Sherlock. I only told you that four times.

I contacted my advisor who sent it to the academic board for review. It's been two weeks and I have heard nothing from them. If I graduate with this grade, I'll graduate with a 3.98 GPA rather than the 4.0 GPA I worked my ass for. Not because I did a bad paper or actually copied something. No, because I accidentally submitted an assignment to the wrong class and made it appear that I copied my own paper. Since the teachers would rather look to technology to have all the answers instead of taking time to manually check something that would literally take him five minutes.

It's bullshit.

On another note, I visited my sister and parents this weekend and looked at all the German photos and video they had shot. Okay, how sad is this? My parents knew how bad I wanted to go and how badly I wanted to see Dachau, so my dad took the camcorder into Dachau and did an entire walkthrough with commentary for me. What happens? We're watching it and realized he did the thing where he recorded when he thought he wasn't and not recording when he thought he was. So I got about ten minutes of shots of the ground when he was simply carrying it around. He felt SO bad.

My sister got me this awesome Hello Kitty bag that says BERLIN on it. I love it. We are planning on going to Berlin either next April or May. I don't want to go when the tourist season is too nuts and colder weather doesn't bother me. I am planning on talking to my doctor and figuring out exactly how many sedatives will keep me sane for the flight.
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