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Wallpaper and Icons...

Here is some new artwork. My muse is kind of making its way known these days, but likes to come and go.

- 1 Buffy Wallpaper
- 1 True Blood Wallpaper
- 4 Twilight Wallpapers
- 24 True Blood icons

Wallpapers are for personal desktop use only.
Do not edit any of these graphics.
Please do not repost without my permission.
Please comment and credit; comments make me happy!
More graphics and credits are available at



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Full Size
Title: Cast Out and Neglected
Cast: Buffy
Words: Mudvayne
Info: Oh, how I love when I can get a WIP piece finished. This piece was thrown around for about the last year. Normal Again is my absolute favorite Buffy episode and I have lacked artwork from it that I really enjoy. I liked how this turned out because I feel it kind of it has that feel of distortion to it that was in her mind in the episode, especially with the usage of the blur. I really liked the cap where she is grabbing her hair because who hasn't felt like that in an out of control moment? The overall color I found to be rather depressing as well, so it fit better than I thought it would.

True Blood

Full Size
Title: Underneath Your Glow
Cast: Eric and Sookie
Words: Deftones
Info: An Eric/Sookie manip. I have been wanting to do one for like, forever. Please bear in mind that this is one of my first male manips and I am aware it sucks. My husband looked at it and goes, "Eric's head looks funny." Thanks, honey, I know. But apart from that, I like it. It's pretty.


Full Size
Title: My Sweet Prince - Chosen Ones
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Placebo
Info: The Kristen/Robert side to the Emily/Gaspard one. I like both pairings because I feel they both work well together. Plus, there are fans of both and I didn't want to cut one out.

Full Size
Title: My Sweet Prince - Dream Team
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Placebo
Info: Emily/Gaspard!!!! I do love the Dream Team and don't feel they get enough love anymore, so I had to make a wall of them. This is a basic couple piece, not much to it.

Full Size
Title: On the Bound - Chosen Ones
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Fiona Apple

Full Size
Title: On the Bound - Dream Team
Cast: Edward and Bella
Words: Fiona Apple
Tags: icons: true blood, wallpaper: buffy, wallpaper: true blood, wallpaper: twilight

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