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Pretty people...

 Yet another gallery update.  I usually reserve these postings for when I am super bored at work, however, the husband is out of town for the next couple days and I am doing nothing but waiting for the next few episodes of Fringe to download (cuz, FUNNY, someone informed me there were only fourteen episodes in the first season so I have been watching the second season unknowing!).  So now I need to catch up.  It's a boring day.

But here are some pretties for all of you to enjoy.  Please comment, either here or on the site.  I love comments.  They keep me going.  ENJOY!!!!

TV Stills
- Supernatural
- The Tudors

Movie Stills
- Birthday Girl
- Dogville
- Eclipse
- The Grudge
- The Hours
- The Human Stain
- Little Children
- Mean Girls
- The Notebook
- The Reader
- Revolutionary Road
- Splice
- The Virgin Suicides

- Adam Brody
- Adriana Lima
- Alexis Bledel
- Carey Mulligan
- Heath Ledger
- Jonathan Rhys Meyers
- Katy Perry
- Kristen Stewart
- Megan Fox
- Paramore
- Shirley Manson

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