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I long for the days of the books of Twilight only...

Okay, when it comes to those of you reading this post, I have a feeling you will understand where I am coming from.

I am getting just SICK to death of the psycho Twilight fans out there. And I think you all know what I mean about the psycho ones. That would be the ones who just about want to eighty-six anyone who doesn't agree with everything they feel about the series and live and breathe it. I very much long for the days when it was just the books.

Case in point: just because people happen to like a pairing or character you don't like, doesn't mean they're an absolute idiot. Strangely enough, I'm a big Team Swiss person, but lean towards Jacob in the books and Edward in the films. I was wearing my Team Jacob shirt the other day (which I love because I really think the claw mark and the red is fun) and got just ambushed by these late thirty-some year old women. Okay, first off, you're supposed to be an adult. Second, it's FICTION. Third, it's supposed to be fun. And fourth, you have nothing better to do? Chill the fuck out.

I have a real love for nearly all the characters in the series for a number of reasons. I think that's why I jump back and forth on the teams and basically sit in the middle with the Team Swiss folks. This feeling is something that causes me to become annoyed when people purposely rail on specific characters. Example? On a certain site, when the track listing was presented for the soundtrack, the track of Jacob's Theme was actually CROSSED OUT because it had his name in it. That's really extremely immature because it's a track from the soundtrack and an absolutely beautiful one at that. Doesn't anyone realize that if Jacob wasn't in the series, it would be a touch dull because there would be no competition? Even if you're not a fan of him, his presence creates a conflict which makes the story that much more entertaining.

This all just reminds me of being in eighth grade and listening to the crazy fangirls talk about Titanic. That movie would have been so much better in my eyes if I hadn't had to deal with listening to that. My husband loves that movie and has tried to get me to watch it, but I unfortunately cannot think of anything but hearing about it from a bunch of smitten fourteen year olds. It's too bad because it really ruins the film for people and makes people who know nothing about it or the books despise it.

On a happy note, my husband got us on a list to the Eclipse premiere here in MN, so I'll be seeing it at 7PM tomorrow night. That should be fun. We're both very excited. Even my dad (my military dad) said that this one looks good. That made me laugh.
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