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Eclipse Review


I'm not going to do a big long review. Why? Well, it's been a bit since I actually read the book so my comparison sucks and because I tend to rant a lot in big posts.

Got to see the early screening of Eclipse last night at 7 rather than midnight. It was the Best Buy one, so if you got a ticket, you could bring one other person. So there were only a few of the younger people there because you had to be a silver member to even be considered (which means you have to spend at least $2K a year at Best Buy) for a ticket.

Overall, it was fun. That's kind of it. I wish that the makers of these movies would have made them more with serious filmmaking in mind (shut up, I know you're laughing) rather than immense media spectacle filmmaking. There was a lot of cheesy stuff in it, which kind of drives me nuts, but it makes it fun. I'll just get my bitching out of the way right away.

Stuff I didn't like in no particular order:

- Rosalie. I'm sorry, but I just CAN'T do it - she looks awful. I'm curious to see how she would have looked if they would have bleached her eyebrows. It wouldn't have been that tough. Too bad cuz Nikki is normally such a beautiful girl. I was also looking very much forward to the scene of her life and they kind of wrecked it with the shot of her in the wedding dress.

- The lack of the 'kidnapping' part, although I hated it in the book, so that's kind of in the air for me

- The lack of the Porsche!!! Look, dammit, the cars were one of the best parts of the books! The only mention of the Porsche was when you saw the front of it in that one frame.

- Esme's overall look in this film. Why is her hair suddenly black?

- The scene from the book was cut where Bella left Jacob's and was crying and Edward found her. I always found that to be such a touching scene and was rather upset that they cut it.

I think I'm done now. Again, I did like it, but it was just a fun story film for me. Having only a few younger people there made it so that it was quiet through most of the film, but then at some points, you could hear certain people and it was downright funny. There was a girl who went totally crazy every time Jacob came on screen and at one point she made this total orgasm sound and my husband just busted out laughing. It was great. I'd go again just to see people freak out like that.

The effects were a bit different on this one. I didn't understand why their bodies shattered like glass. It was a neat effect, but I didn't get it. The effects on the wolves were very well done, thank God. Can you imagine if they messed that up? They actually looked soft. I think my favorite scene of the whole thing was when Charlie was having the sex talk with Bella. That was hysterical. I felt the acting was really good in it. They seemed very natural and having fun with it.

There's more, but like I said, I'm not making this long. I'd rather answer to comments. I have to say though that after we saw our screening, we went to see what the midnight line was like. WOW. If you're a guy in high school and you're smart, you'd be there cuz there's more girls there than you know what to do with.

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