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Why work sucks right now...

So here's my deal...I make it a point to depend on no one.  I pay for everything I have.  This goes WAY against other people I know who lean on parents, boyfriends, etc.  It's just a thing with me.  Right now, I'm paying for my wedding, I have my house, my regular bills, and my car.  When I left high school, I couldn't afford to do a four year degree because it was just too expensive.  So I got my associates degree at a community college, which worked out well because it was in an IT field.

For the last three years, I have worked at SUPERVALU corporate in their corporate finance department.  I work my ass off for that company.  I don't know what it was, but something made me decide that I was going to try to find out how to get my bachelors degree.  With it, I can excel in the company and make a lot more money.  Plus, they have tuition reimbursement in the form of $5K a year.  I found an awesome school that I can do online so it doesn't interfere with work.  However, it is an accelerated program, so I would do four years of work and pay for a four year degree, but finish in one year.

Sounds good to me, until I go to HR and tell them it's an accelerated program and ask if we can strike a deal since I am doing the same amount of work as a traditional college.  They said they would get back to me.  What do they do?  They call our department head and chew him out about how I'm trying to go around the policy, who then has to chew out my boss, who then has to come give me the bad news.  Apparently, if I did the work in four years, then I would get the $20K, but since it is in one year, I would only get the $5K.  It's the same thing!  Unfortunately for me, I cannot afford to do a four year traditional college, even if they gave me the $20K.  I would be in more debt that way than if I paid for the 1 year run on my own.

So I am just really down right now.  I'm surrounded by people who have masters degrees.  I just want to make something of myself and succeed and I am trying my hardest to do that, but this makes it so hard.  The $30K I would have to pay for school is the equivalent of us buying a new car.  We can't do that right now.  Financial aid is giving me nothing because they say I make enough at work to afford it.  Financial aid is a bunch of crap for everyone.

Then, of course, I come home and all my acceptance stuff just came in my email.  I just looked at it and started to cry because I want to do this SO bad, but I just can't because of the stupid money.

Thanks for listening to my ranting.
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