Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson


For those of you used to getting True Blood screencaps on my site, I do apologize for not having the latest ones up yet. They were supposed to be posted on Sunday night, however, EVERY single file of it I have attempted to download of it is corrupt. It's such crap. I have been trying to get files of it every day since then. The only ones I haven't got yet are the ones that require the HJ Split to put them together because that isn't working for me now. I finally got one last night, but it had Spanish subtitles on it, which works okay for viewing, but not for caps. Argh!!!

So I do apologize and if anyone has a link to a working file, could I get it from you? This happened to me once last year with True Blood as well. It's like a curse.
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