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Monday's here...


A word to the wise - don't drink a fourth a liter of vodka after eating painkillers because you're on your period when your blood is already thinned out and then get about three solid hours of sleep the night before you have to go back to work for the week. It's just...unbecoming in the morning. Luckily, it's not my busy week. So I can sit here and write bullshit like this for those who care to listen.

Mom was here this weekend. I turn into a little girl when she leaves. I get all sad and miss her like crazy. We watched a cheap boot of Eclipse and got into the Edward/Jacob argument again. That's so hysterical because she's sixty-two and will defend Bella/Edward to the damn grave. I was like, "Mom, just SETTLE down!" She's like, yelling at the TV. It was so funny. My husband was watching us and laughing his ass off over it. Then we stepped it up a notch and watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo cuz I finally got Mom to start watching movies with subtitles. She figured a while back that she didn't want to miss out on good horror movies just because they were in another language, so we started there. I haven't found this anywhere, but my husband told me that Daniel Craig confirmed with whoever is in the production of the American adaption that he would play Blomkvist. ??? He is one that doesn't buy into Hollywood rumors either, so his info is usually pretty solid. If that is the case, hooray! I think he would be excellent in that role.

Recorded Rules of Attraction on Sunday cuz it was on at like four in the morning.  I loved the book and although I know the movie is considerably different than the book, I still am looking forward to it.  For Vampire Diaries people, Ian Somerhalder is in it.  His character is bisexual and is totally obsessed with James van der Beek's character, who plays a TOTAL prick, btw.  Or at least he was in the book.  I'm also wanting to watch Audition again. Don't ask why. It just popped in my head this morning and I have only seen it once about six years ago or so. My husband has never seen it, but it's one of those that REALLY lingers until the end. I don't know if I can get him to watch it based on that. I feel it is totally worth that huge buildup because of the end. I could just hear him giving me crap about that and throwing in his own commentary. I love when I try to watch movies seriously with him and he does that. It's like when we watched Requiem for a Dream. He recognized the black drug dealer whose place Jennifer Connelly goes to from some comedy and kept quoting it. Thanks hon, it's a serious effing movie, but that's cool.

OH! Speaking of Requiem for a Dream - I have a really good shot at meeting Jared Leto in September. I had a shot a couple years ago, but he was here during my damn busy week and I couldn't go. LOVE him. He's actually here on my husband's birthday. My husband is going to work on it because he finds it hilarious when I fall all over myself meeting certain people. The only people I have ever done that to were Peter Steele and Marilyn Manson. I'm usually very cool when I meet people, but there are certain ones...

Thank you for reading my silly little musings. I need to do this every Monday, it's fun. Off to edit. LOVE bre2004 . Editing and revising becomes more fun every day because I am able to flesh out my story more every single day. It totally sucked on day one, but after that, it's just been something I look forward to.
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