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Wallpaper Tutorial...

This tutorial is being post via request of several people, which just makes me happy.  It's nice to hear that someone likes my work enough to learn how I did it.

The tutorial disregards two things - how the manipulation of Buffy was created and the font and text segment.  I didn't keep the .psd files for either of those, so it is tough to recreate them properly enough for a tutorial.

Note: This tutorial is to be used to help you create your own art, not to recreate mine.  I have seen in the past that a lot of people simply recreate my art when I post these and I would rather see what you create after viewing the steps.

This probably looks simple enough, but it was one of the largest parts of the process.  I created the manipulation using an image of Sarah Michelle Gellar and an image of Ali Larter.  Using the mask tool, I cut out all of the background to make it appear that she was simply on this black background.

I found a promo from Angel to use for him in this wall.  I changed the opacity to Lighten at 100%.  Then, I masked out the areas of the promo that I did not want in the wall.

I used the same type of settings to implement this texture.  This particular texture is from Shadow of the Day.  I changed the opacity to Lighten at 100% and masked out the areas I didn't want.

I added a stock image lightening, clouds, and trees to the piece with it set on Screen at 100%.  Again, I masked out the areas I didn't want, mainly over Angel's face.  

Okay, this is actually something I do to make my art unique.  It's a fun little trick that you can do with literally any image and make it your own.  I added this texture to the piece.  I then implemented the Gaussian Blur from the filter section to the texture at 10.0.  Try this out with any texture or image and you'll see how this can really change your piece.  What it did here was turn the texture more from imagery to blurred colors, which you can do a lot with.  I then set the layer to Linear Burn at 100%.  This trick is really fun because there is so much you can do with it and it's such a simple thing to do.

I added a gradient layer to the piece in this next step.  Please note that all the gradients I used in this piece were found at Salt 'n Burn.  I set it to Soft Light and set the following parameters:
Scale: 150
Angle: 120
Style: Linear

I added another gradient and set it at Soft Light with an opacity of 22% and fill of 100%.

I added another gradient and set it to Soft Light with an opacity of 40% and a fill of 100%.

I added a final gradient set at Soft Light with an opacity of 77% and a fill of 100%.

The following steps don't need imagery to portray them. They are simply the finishing touches used by filtering and other aspects to finish the piece.    

- First, once you have reached this point, make sure you SAVE your .psd before combining the layers.  That way, if you want to go back and fix something, it is SO much easier!
- Okay, combine the layers.
- I'm the type who uses duplicated layers for filters, so I made a duplicate of the combined layers.
- The first filter I used was as follows: 
FILTER>>ARTISTIC>>PAINT DAUBS.  I faded the opacity to 30%.  Combine and create a duplicate for the next step.
- IMAGE>>ADJUSTMENTS>>THRESHOLD. Set it to 130 and set the layer to Soft Light.  Then use the following: FILTER>>BLUR>>GAUSSIAN BLUR set at 10.0.  This step gives the piece a really soft feeling that I personally like.  Depending on how you want the look of the piece to be, I would recommend changing the opacity of this layer.  I tend to use one as low as 10 for pieces like this.  Once you do that, combine the layers and duplicate again.
- FILTER>>STYLIZE>>DIFFUSE.  Use the setting of Anisotropic.  Fade opacity to 30%,  Combine and duplicate.
- FILTER>>ARTISTIC>>PAINT DAUBS.  I am using this again because I don't want to image to be too blurry.  I set the opacity to 75% because it is too sharp at 100%.  Combine layers.  

This is the final result.

That's pretty much all of it.  Let me know if you have any questions and comments would be nice.
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