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Take the good and take the bad...

I'll get the bad stuff out of the way first.

My sister has been friends with a couple for a few years and the wife has had dire cancer for the last two years. The girl is 27 and got to the point in the past few months where she slipped into and out of multiple comas and finally last week she went entirely blind and couldn't remember who anyone was. Last night, she died. Again, she was only 27 and she had a little girl. I hate cancer. I hate how it can eat a person alive and make them suffer to no end. I wish if someone was going to die of it, that they could just go peacefully and not suffer so immensely. It's awful. So be grateful for your health today.

Onto the good.

Those who read the post about my stepson and his crazy aunt, not much has changed on that front. However, his mother, the one who lives in Denmark, emailed us and apologized for her sister. She said that she shouldn't be treating anyone like that and should not have called my husband an absentee father (she said that and my husband just hung up the phone) because he has been there for his son since nearly day one. So that's cool. Hell, after everything, if we've got her on our side, we're good to go.

That, and my husband won $800 in Vegas. He went for the last 48 hours for a convention. I loathe gambling, but he is really good at it. So now we can put it towards some bills. I love putting big chunks of money toward bills.

Oh, and finally, I went to my neurologist this morning and my blood levels are balanced for the first time in about five years and it has been five years since my last seizure. Now the state can't take away my license. Hooray!
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