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True Blood Artwork...

I just finished catching up with the new season of True Blood. I knew I should have waited until it was done because now we all have to wait for two damn weeks for the finale. That sucks. However, I was really inspired to do some new art. I meant to focus on more than just Jessica, but she's my favorite character in the show, so I just kept arting her. Enjoy!

- 3 True Blood Wallpapers

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Title: Drink My Blood
Cast: Jessica and Hoyt
Words: Jessica
Info: It took me forever to get this right, whether it was the coloring, positioning, font, or whatever. I changed it SO many times. I wanted to keep it dark for the overall feel of the scene.

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Title: Not a Fucking Idiot
Cast: Jessica and Sam
Words: Jessica and Sam
Info: I loved that Jessica got to be a waitress in the show. It's so great and this line made me laugh. I love the caps and coloring of this piece, however, I hate the placement of the font. I couldn't figure out how to work all the conversation into the wallpaper properly, but couldn't cut any of it out.

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Title: Back to Hell
Cast: Jessica
Words: Title
Info: This was done for a challenge at Buffyforms and is my favorite of these three. I found this scene particularly terrifying and liked how the wall turned out. I feel that it set up the fear Jessica feels when she sees the cross very well.
Tags: wallpaper: true blood

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