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I don't mean to sound like a whiny little bitch, but...

I feel this is something a LOT of people who post stuff on LJ, or anywhere else, may feel as well.

When it comes to my artwork, I have counters on the pieces on my site, so I see how many times people look at images on there. The same goes for images in the gallery updates I post here. As for my fanmixes, I can also see how many people downloaded them.

The last few walls I have done have gotten an average of five to ten comments on them.  They have been viewed nearly a hundred times.  My fanmixes rarely get any comments and the one with the lowest amount of downloads has seventy four downloads.  As for the gallery, I sometimes get one or two comments, but I feel people viewing those photos and screencaps hundreds of times.

All I ask is if you download a fanmix or take a look at my gallery updates or artwork, please leave a comment, either on my site or on my LJ. Again, I don't mean to sound whiny, but it's something that not only encourages me, but in the case of the gallery updates, keeps me going. I take a lot of time to get those and do screencapping and that is for all of you guys.

Thanks so much.

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