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True Blood Review...

It's been a long time since I have done a TV review, so here goes...

I decided to wait until the third season of True Blood was completely done to review it because it is easier for me that way. For those that do not know, I waited until a couple weeks ago to start watching it. I have seriously NO patience for TV since the invention of the DVD TV sets where I can watch episode after episode. So I just DVR seasons and watch them all at once.

I loved this season. It has been my favorite of them all. I liked the first one, but it was kind of that introductory one. I really didn't care for the second season. And I might as well admit it, I really did NOT like MaryAnn. She destroyed that season for me. I wanted to gut that character and was super happy when it finally happened. But I gave the third season a chance and am super happy I did.

When the episode was about to start and it said to stay tuned afterwards for a message from Alan Ball, I was like, "That message had BETTER not be, 'I'm sorry for killing Eric.'" Luckily, it was not.

The episode overall was kind of half and half for me because I constantly was wanting to find out what was happening with Sookie and the vampires. The whole thing with Jason - am I supposed to care? I kept looking for a reason to when watching the season and could not find one. I was always wondering if something was going to come up that would make me really care about that storyline, but there was nothing. Sorry, I know some people may have liked it, but I didn't. And I really like Jason too, I find his character a lot of fun, which kind of pissed me off because they dragged his character down with it.

The other little storylines, as I saw them in the episode...

Sam. I liked how they left him in the episode. They didn't oversaturate him in the episode. Lafayette's bit in this episode was a little too much for me, although it sets up the next season well. I loved what I guess is going to be Tara's exit? I don't know, I haven't been reading up on what is happening there, but if it is an exit, I liked how they did it. Jessica and Hoyt were adorable and although my husband is worried that Hoyt's mom is going to go apeshit on Jessica, I don't see it happening. She's fast and deadly and could pretty much take anything that woman can throw at her. Jessica is so godamn cute - LOVE her!

Now to the meat of the episode, the whole Sookie/Bill/Eric spiele. Once they got that van, I saw the whole cement thing coming. I think that's my mafia movie complex talking. It just made sense if Eric didn't want Russell to 'die', but still wanted him to suffer. I didn't get the whole 100 year thing. I thought cement lasted a considerable amount of time and wouldn't he be just beyond weakened anyway? Oh, and before I miss it, the whole "eye fucking" line had me in tears laughing so hard. That was just wonderful. I'll be using that for years to come now.

The scene where Bill threw Eric into the cement was just awesome. Even if you were like me and my husband just screaming at the TV, it was great to see the dark side of Bill come out. Did anyone else get a bit of goosebumps when the door at Sookie's house opened and he was standing there dripping cement? I thought that was a fantastic shot. The whole recap of Bill and Sookie's ENTIRE relationship was great as well. How awful would that be? You think you're with the love of your life and do literally everything for him, only to find that it was ALL possibly a setup? Certain aspects of the setup are obvious, but I still feel he did indeed have feelings for her on a level, which is what makes it all the more sad.

Overall, I felt it could have been better, but was still a great episode. It leaves us awaiting the next season. One thing though, I can now REALLY feel for those that cannot stand Sookie. Her back and forth of relationships and feelings for all the main characters who somehow put up with it is growing tiresome and make me dislike her all the more.

On the upside, BOARDWALK EMPIRE STARTS NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Everyone who knows me knows I am just madly in love with Steve Buscemi, so to see him get his own show is fucking AWESOME! Plus, it's supposed to be a lot like The Sopranos, which I miss a lot. LOVED that show. I can't wait.
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