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The Good News and The Bad News...

 Bad news first because it is just easier that way - I got laid off today.  

The computer systems were upgraded and replaced basically everyone in our department making our jobs obsolete.  That's almost $2K a month that I will no longer have.  I get a severance of $2K.  My insurance is gone which blows because the last time that happened, I ended up in the hospital due to my epilepsy and had to pay over $10K out of my own pocket.  However MN has that stupid ass COBRA insurance which makes no sense.  It is for the unemployed, but you have to pay $200 a month for it.  If I'm unemployed, where the fuck am I supposed to get the money to pay that?  My stepson and husband will also no longer have insurance because my husband doesn't get it through his business since he owns it.  And my payments for my student loans start next month.  I'm not too familiar with this, but I think you can declare a hardship or something for them.  The biggest issue is the house.  It costs us $2K a month which we could barely pay WITH my job.

Onto the good stuff...

Chicago was awesome.  For those that love Pink Floyd's The Wall as much as I do, if you get a chance to see Roger do it, go.  We went to two nights in Chicago and are getting the rep seats here in MN when he's here.  It is amazing.  For those that do not know, it's all a concept thing, so it's total theater too.  It's just awesome.  Well, the second night, they were doing the song Young Lust (which for those who do not know is about groupies getting backstage).  I personally LOVE that song and our seats were the second to the ceiling in the United Center.  So I said screw it and was up dancing.  Well, a guy came over to me and I thought he was going to bitch me out for dancing.  NOPE.  Turns out my slutty dancing got my husband and me upgraded to the club level.  Oh, my god.  That was something I wanted to see like that since I was 11.  I LOVE PINK FLOYD and The Wall is my favorite of theirs.  We were right next to the actual wall and got to watch when they tore it down at the end and everything.  It was SO cool!  The video I have below is actually from the first night, so it's not close, but it was fun.

And as for my flying, well, I don't remember the flight out.  I remember taking 1.5 mg of Xanax and doing two doubles of vodka in Chili's at Minneapolis International and then I woke up about nine hours later in a hotel room in Chicago.  So that went very well.  However, the flight back was awful.  From Minneapolis to Chicago, it should only take 58 minutes to fly.  Three and a half HOURS.  And a solid hour of it was turbulence.  My husband, who flies all the time, says he had never experienced anything like that.  I was just sobbing and the girl across from me was vomiting the whole time.  I was grateful I at least don't vomit on flights.  The flight attendants just stopped charging for alcohol because we were so damn scared.  I have never heard so much cursing on a flight either.  There were two points where I actually screamed because we dropped.  I felt like a real ass because that could really frighten someone, but I was so scared.  I think the people I felt worst for though were the people getting connecting flights in MN. 

And finally, my husband took me shopping for a day down Madison Ave in Chicago.  There is this awesome clothing store called Zara.  They have a website, but they don't SELL stuff online!  But I bought a brand new coat there for the winter made of fur and down.  It's SO nice, I LOVE it!

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