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Christmas and a bunch of character SPN walls

Before I post my new art, I have to tell everyone about my fun presents. Most of these are from my husband because he has connections with everyone in the entertainment industry. Trust me, it's that; we're not rich.

-"Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Panel to Panel" which is a badass book about the Buffy comics which has all this gorgeous art in it
-One of the original pieces of art from the first season eight Buffy comics, signed by the artist
-A hardcover edition of the first arc of "The Long Way Home" which is only available to owners of stores that sell a specific amount of Buffy comics. It was a gift to a friend of my husband's from Dark Horse Comics.
-All the Buffy comics I don't have
-A Hello Kitty toaster that imprints Hello Kitty on the bread
-An original "A Clockwork Orange" framed poster
-A box set of Pink Floyd's entire mini LP collection which has includes all the posters and stickers that came with the original record releases. I guess it is already completely out of print and sold out
-And finally, the 2008 Supernatural calendar. It came yesterday, just in time for gift giving. My mom was so funny and kept calling it what she calls Supernatural, 'the show with the boys'.

All our family members decided to bring their animals yesterday. It's not enough that I have four cats and a Chihuahua, we got two Pompions from my sister (one that is INCREDIBLY hyper active), and two Boxers. This was with ten people in not a very big house. GOOD TIMES!!! All went pretty well though. We got a LOT of booze for Christmas! You'd think we were just lushes the way people piled that on. Has anyone ever had Captain Morgan Private Stock? If you ever get it, put it in Coke and it tastes like a vanilla Coke (a real one). I would never have known there was booze in it. But no, we got a bottle of Crown Royale, that Captain Morgan Private Stock, four bottles of wine, and a bottle pink champagne. Um, thanks!

Then my sister decided to get us this R2D2 robot that does everything from guarding a room to bringing and opening a can of beer for you. That thing is nuts.

Okay, onto the artwork. Aka: what everyone is here to see. I went kind of nuts on my Supernatural stuff. I am having just this thing about that show right now. Below are these character pieces I am working on. The Sam and Dean ones were ones I did a while back. The rest are ones I did this weekend to add onto a collection. I am currently working on one of John. I also want to do ones of Mary and Jess. I would go all out and do ones of Madison, Meg, the YED, and everyone, but I think people would be all, "Why are you doing people that aren't main characters?"

Wallpapers are for personal use only, please.
Do not edit any of these graphics.
Please comment; comments make me happy!
More graphics and credits are available at

Title: The Moth
Cast: Dean
Words: Aimee Mann

Title: Death Future
Cast: Sam
Words: Aimee Mann

Title: Feeling Old
Cast: Jo
Words: Tori Amos

Title: Fight the Good Fight
Cast: Ruby
Words: Triumph

Title: Gunning for You
Cast: Bela
Words: AC\DC

Tags: wallpaper: supernatural

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