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Sad real life entry...

The job that I tried to get I failed at. I just got the call saying I didn't get it. The hard part about this is that if I couldn't get this one, I can't get any. I mean, I had EVERY single qualification needed for it and more. It was basically doing the same job I do now, with the same company and all the same people, except at a different location.

So now I completely fucked. We can't hardly pay for our house now having $4000 worth of late fees to pay. And bear in mind that those are JUST the late fees. We actually did pay the payment, but it was a week later because that is when we got paid. Now, we won't be able to pay for it at all, so we're going to end up losing our house.

Secondly, I will no longer be able to get my medication because without insurance, it costs $500 a month. I'm an epileptic. The last seizure I had nearly killed me.

Now you may be asking yourselves with all the funding in the government and that crap, why can't I just apply for that? Becuase 'on paper', it looks like my husband makes over $100K a year. That's because his business makes over a million dollars every year. The fucked up government sees all that as income and doesn't take into account things like payroll, rent, utilities, and all the other loads of business expenses. He pays over $10K a month in taxes alone, but they don't take that into account. In reality, he brings in less a month than I do, which is under $2000. When the government sees that, they deny funding because it looks like you can pay for it yourself.

And finally, my damn student loan payments are due to come up. I won't be able to pay those either.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that I would owe back the $10K the company paid for my schooling if I left early, I'd get up and leave right now. I have no desire to do anything here or even care anymore. It's all bullshit. Now I have nothing more to do but look forward to losing my house, having my seizures, and becoming incredibly suicidal again due to the lack of my anti-depressants. This fucking sucks.
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