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Response to last post - thank you, all!

Big thank you to those of you that responded to my last, much more depressing, post. Those comments helped a lot.

Right now I am applying for more positions. I found a few more in the company, so I'm hoping for the best. The insurance/medicine thing still sucks since I have about three seizures a day when there are no meds in my body. The last time that happened, I wound up in the hospital and since we had no insurance, I had to pay 10K out of my own pocket. That was for a five hour stay. These are times when I really loathe the politicians who think that everything they is doing is so great. There are so many people in the country struggling to live and the ones that get handouts are the ones that sit around on their asses in a large amount of the time. This always goes back to those terrible people here that have as many kids as possible because our fucked up system will give people money for each kid you have. I find that messed up. Not the people that actually pay for their children and not those that are actually suffering and are the types it was made for, but those who purposely have about ten kids because they know they'll get a check. Ugh, this could go on, but I'll stop...

I was keeping in mind last night that the agent asked for the first ten pages of my manuscript the other day. Maybe this is the beginning of one of those awesome stories where a writer's life sucks and then they end up selling some bestselling novel and get a great career, lol. :) That would rock.

So we will see what happens...
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