Lady Manson (ladymanson) wrote,
Lady Manson

Goodbye, Cruel World...

I'm having so many moods running through me I may be going crazy. However, I am glad that I waited until now to post this because it would have been much darker had I posted it say, last night.

First, some people on the Internet are total pricks. I know this goes without saying, but for God's sake, have some fucking manners at the very least. You know who you are too. If you're questioning yourself, you're not the ones I'm pissed at. Trust me, you would know. I'm to the point of wanting to actually dismantle my whole website. I haven't been like that in years since I dealt with a major case of video theft. But I find it rather sickening that my hobby, something I do for fun, is causing me stress in my life. That just shouldn't be.

Onto better topics, we saw Roger Waters last night in Saint Paul. Third time I have seen him on this tour and I am considering going to London next summer to see him there. We decided to spend good money on the home show, so we had sixth row seats. It was awesome, aside from some people who really cannot hold their liquor. I mean, I drink at shows, but I at least keep it in check. And I don't get obnoxious. Usually if I drink too much at a show, I just sit down and mellow out. That isn't the case with everyone. But the show was awesome. If you have a chance to see it, go.

And finally, I just got back from my latest job interview. It's for a senior accountant and starts me at near triple what my salary is now. So even though I wouldn't be, I would feel like I was living like a king if I got it. I would be so happy because I would love to be able to come home and tell my husband that I could take care of us and we could actually pay for the damn house. So wish me some luck if you would. It went well, but as anyone knows, job interviews are so nerve-wracking. It doesn't matter how nice the interviewer is and this girl was just great. It would be further from home, but it would be worth it.

I don't know what the future holds. I may take apart my site, I may get a new job, I don't know. We will see.
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