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Some fun little life updates....

Oh...can my life just be little less interesting? Seriously, just give me some nice boredom here and there.

One good thing, the drama from the previous post found here is resolved.  My little sister can be a spaz sometimes.  I'm not quite sure why, but as it turns out, my best friend never said any of the crap discussed between her boyfriend and my sister.  So we made up last weekend, went out, got loaded, and sang karaoke until 2 in the morning.  God, that is so much fun.  I can't see it being all that great sober, but drunk, wow, that is a fun time.  Plus, when your husband gets it all on video and posts it on YouTube, which I PROMISE to post here once it uploads, it gets even better.  Have to have a sense of humor about yourself.  Especially when you are busting out "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" after drinking about eight martinis and doing shots of Jag.

Tomorrow, I am going to go look at a new puppy!!  A baby Miniature Pinscher!  We're big animal people.  We have four cats (Spike, Angel, Drusilla, and Garfield) and this spoiled little Chihuahua named Odie.  We need to get him a pal.  The people who are selling the puppy have to get rid of him because their baby and the puppy don't exactly mix.  So we are going to see what we think of him.  Apparently he is very cuddly and loves people, so that sounds good to me!

The Packers are in the NFC Championship!  I am not a big sports fan, however, I grew up with Packer buffs.  And for those of you who follow football, you know how nuts some of those people are.  But to be fair, most of my family is from Wisconsin.  Not me, I'm from Minnesota.  My husband is a huge Viking fan, so we just go at it when they play each other.  It's a good time cuz we're not crazy.  I enjoy seeing a good game though, despite the team, and today's game was COVERED in snow!  That was awesome because it looks like that outside my window now. 

Time to geek out and make more art...
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