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New Vampire Diaries Photos

I recently updated my gallery with the promotional stills from episode 2x09.  Due to an incredibly overblown overreaction by the Supernatural fandom when I posted images from SPN episodes, I will not be listing the titles or small images as teasers.  I don't need another 30+ emails of people actually telling me that I was the scum of the earth over something so trivial.

Hence, one of the many reasons I enjoy the Vampire Diaries fandom over the crazy SPN one. 

See them HERE.

Edit to all the SPN fandom: I'm not insulting you. I'm honestly getting REALLY sick of feeling the need to apologize for everything I do and say on this journal because so many of you decide you need to take the time to email me and rip me apart. It's unecessary. The people in the SPN fandom that piss me off are the ones that take it so seriously that I don't even care for the show anymore. The only other fandom that has done that to me is Twilight.
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