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Christmas Wish List

I've never done this before, so I don't really expect anything, but figured I'd post it. It's good fun. :)

Over the past week, I have seen several friends post wish lists for the holiday season. So I decided to do the same and list some stuff I'd like for Christmas this year. They range from little tiny things to some big things. Again, it's all in good fun, so if you want to, feel free to do your own wish list on your LJ.

Remember not to show these to me until Christmas Eve! 
1. Artwork based on any of my fanfics. You can find them listed HERE.

2. Fanmixes. I love fanmixes. Anything goes really - I'm a big fan of British artists and heavy metal, but I listen to anything.

3. Boardwalk Empire icons. I absolutely adore Steve Buscemi (Nucky), so any with him or him and Margeret would be ideal.

4. Any kind of artwork or mixes based on any of Bret Easton Ellis' books.

5. Anything related to Hello Kitty.

6. A publishing contract. I had to throw that in there for the hell of it. But seriously, if there is anyone who can help me out or put in a good word to literary people they may know...

7. Victoria's Secret or Express gift cards

8. MONEY! I know that sounds awful, so maybe saying donations would be better. I don't have any left what with losing the job and all and any donations that would help me out with my MegaUpload account (which I use to get shows to caps) or any other aspects of my site would be fabulous.
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