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HUGE Vampire Diaries Post - Icons, Wallpaper, and Fanmix....

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Title: Like a Fool
Cast: Damon and Elena
Words: Eric Clapton
Info: Based upon the relationship and Damon's (so far) unrequited love for Elena.


1. Buena - Morphine
"Since I met the devil, I ain't been the same..."
I like this song for both the lyrics and the music, but mainly the music. It has a cool beat to it that I feel really works for the introduction to the mix. The lyrics have a more dark tone to them that reminds me of Damon and Elena's relationship.

2. Honey - Hole
"It's the terror and the pain and I just wait for you to have risen..."
A sadder sounding song that reminds me of Damon and Elena and how their relationship has that forelonging feel to it.

3. One Love - Massive Attack
"It's you I love and not another. And I know our love will last forever..."
This is just a really pretty sweet song that I felt the need to add.  Since it's focused more on the romantic love, I went with the Elena/Stefan relationship.

4. Deep - Danzig
"Into your soul down you must go. Hope is not my name. Free your soul..."
A darker addition that reminds me of Damon and his evil ways.  

5. There is a Light - Nick Cave
"There is a light that shines over this city tonight..."
I used all three of the characters in this piece because it reminds me of how so many of the events in Mystic Falls (if not ALL of them) pretty much have to do with them.  They are involved in everything, whether good or bad.

6. Black Black Heart - David Usher
"All these blessings, all these burns, I'm godless underneath your cover. Search for pleasure, search for pain. In this world now I am undying..."
This song reminds me of the lingering strange feelings that Elena seems to possess for Damon, ones that could cause problems in the future for her current relationship.

7. The Walking Dead - Spinnerette
"Oh hello psycho, is that you in the mirror again? I can't escape the feeling you'll be here till the end..."
Just an general song regarding being around the dead or those that have the ability to drag you down in the end.  Elena is in what she considers to be a good relationship, but must know that it will end badly.

8. She's So Cold - The Rolling Stones
"I'm the burning bush, I'm the burning fire. I'm the bleeding volcano. I'm so hot for her and she's so cold..."
This is pretty obvious - it's for the unrequited feelings Damon has for Elena.

9. The Passenger - Michael Hutchence
"All of it was made for you and me. It just belongs to you and me. So let's take a ride and see what's mine..."

10. If You Never Say Goodbye - PM Dawn
"As the lightening rips, the stars are new. Moon without pity, as waves of blood roll over the city. It's not a rehearsal or special effects. It's the end of a story..."
Basically used to represent Elena and Stefan, but I also feel it could represent her relationship with Damon as well.

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