January 13th, 2008

twin peaks - happy laura


This is Sid, named after the man known for "not being able to play the bass", Sid Vicious, of the Sex Pistols.  He's a little Miniature Pinscher and is two months old.  He is TINY!!!  He is only eight inches long and weighs about a pound.  So cute!!!  Kind of a little shit though cuz he keeps crapping all over the house, but what do you do?  It's like a baby, time to start training...

Please mind me and my creepy hungover look.

This and Dallas LOST!!!  Hell, yeah!  Normally, that in itself is wonderful, but this means that NY is going to Green Bay next weekend, which just rules!  I'd drive the five hours just to see the crazy drunken fans.  It's going to be fun to see how expensive tickets get on eBay.
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